May 23, 2024


York University Residence has a crucial role to play when it comes to your university experience. How far or close you live to campus and the kind of accommodation that you have can either makes things simpler or a lot more complicated and tiring than they should be. When you are choosing a residence, you need to be mindful while making the decision. They should provide you with all the basic amenities that you require as a student. These basic amenities should also include WiFi. No student’s life is complete without it. We are here to tell you about the qualities that you should look out for while you are deciding on your York university residence.

Availability of Parking

Even when you are living on campus you would still be requiring a mode to travel. Some people prefer to get their cars to the university and some like to bike around. A lot of residence complexes offer parking spaces for rent. However, there are bike racks that would be available for free.

Room Furnishing

When the room is already furnished, the number of things that you need to carry gets cut down by at least half. In luxury residences like the Quad, the rooms and the common areas are completely furnished.

Utilities included

The room furnishings and utilities that form a part of the residence can make or break your accommodation experience. Find out what all is included in your rent. Your rent should include Gas and internet. Find out about the speed of the internet that is being provided. High-speed internet is crucial to every student’s life. Sometimes Hydro and water charges are not included in the charges. You might have to set up a WYSE account for the same. Some of the luxury residences also have Smart TVs in their room. You can stream your favourite show.

Laundry, Lounges and Fitness Areas

In a university housing, laundry, lounges and fitness area, all are situated in the same building. Being a university student, your schedule can get a bit erratic. Deadlines popping up and the struggle to meet them, all these things are very normal parts of a student’s life. You would need these facilities to be available to you throughout the day. In some residences, all three are located in the same room so you can get a workout in while your laundry is being done. As there can be a wait to do the laundry, there are some residences where you can ping the machine to find out if they are available and they will ping you back when the current load is over. This will help you to save a lot of time.

Financial Assistance

Sometimes a student might require financial assistance and won’t be able to afford the residence. There is some residence which offers a limited number of spaces for those who require assistance. There is usually a qualification criterion for this. You can inquire and get more information about the same.