April 18, 2024

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How to Excel in Chemistry?

Chemistry is a subject that is felt to be tough, by many learners. We all know that chemistry is a volatile subject and one has to put in more effort in grasping the concepts. Students may feel that the subject is time-consuming and the information studied is not retained for a longer time. Once the concepts are understood and crystal clear, one will definitely excel in chemistry and score high. The topics studied can be grasped easily by following a few tricks. In this article, we will highlight some points on how to excel in chemistry. 

Know the Syllabus

A general study comprises a basic syllabus prescribed by the curriculum. Every learner needs to know the syllabus prior to the studies. One must know the chapter and concepts that are included in the syllabus and split them accordingly as per the study schedule. The syllabus is an outline of the entire subject and gives a brief overview of the concepts. This helps the students to understand their learning adequately and one can easily connect with the concepts. 

Read the Textbook

The textbook is a significant key for all the students. The textbook gives an outline for all the concepts, questions, answers, and doubts. Reading the textbook is the initial step in the learning process. Textbooks give a clear idea and understanding of the concepts and chapters that are included in the course of study. Reading a textbook thoroughly enhances reading comprehension, vocabulary and also helps in the easy grasping of topics. 

Study in Chunks

Studying a complete chapter at one go can be tiresome. A huge portion of studying at one time

Is not a proper technique of study. Splitting up the course of study into smaller chunks is a helpful and meaningful way of studying. One can memorise the smaller things easily and the concepts get engraved in the student’s mind. This method of study leads to easier and faster study as it helps to cover the syllabus quickly. 

Practise More than Reading

Complete knowledge of the topic is gained by solving or practising and not just by studying. After reading the chemistry chapter from the textbook one can solve chemistry class 11 ncert solutions for better understanding. By practising regularly, one improves his writing skills and time management skills. By solving more questions and numericals, one can easily own the concepts. As we all know, writing and practising are considered vital tools in the course of study. 

Stick to Schedule

A proper study schedule or timetable is mandatory. The schedule helps to keep the syllabus on track and also encourages the students to accomplish their tasks accordingly.  Chemistry is a subject that needs to be studied in a precise manner. The study schedule must be planned in such a way that more time must be given to subjects that one feels are tough. The timeline for the studies must include reading and understanding of the concepts, making notes, solving questions from various books such as chemistry exemplar class 11, and reworking the concepts that are not understood. 


Revision is another mandatory part of the study. A study is not complete without revision. One must revise the things learned. One can revise the concepts after one day of study, then after a week, and later, after a few weeks. By doing this, the learner will know how many concepts are retained and on what topics one has to focus and spend more time. This enables the students to memorise things and improves memory skills. One can also use memory techniques and mnemonics to learn things. 


 We all know that studying is a lengthy process and the process has to be followed appropriately. One can excel in the subject of chemistry by following these study tricks and practising more questions. One can also solve sample papers to know about exam pattern and time management during exams. One must try to maintain a proper study plan and habits throughout the academic year for an easier flow of study and smoother academics.