April 18, 2024

Effective Tips and Tricks for MHT CET Preparation

As many as 4 to 5 lakh students register for MHT CET or Maharashtra Common Entrance Test. To prepare for this competitive entrance exam, students need special MHT CET preparation tips, which are discussed in this article. Read on to know about the MHT CET preparation tips and build your personalized  MHT CET strategy. 

MHT CET is a state-level annual entrance exam conducted by the Government of Maharashtra to grant admissions into various UG courses in the state. It is a computer-based test (CBT). The MHT CET exam 2022 is scheduled to happen from August 5 to August 11 (Engineering) and from August 12 to August 20 (Agriculture). Given that the exam dates are closer, it’s time for candidates to concentrate on MHT CET preparation appropriately. 

Thereby, we have assembled some of the important MHT CET tips to help you prepare and score well in the exam. In addition to these tips, candidates are recommended to practice the previous year’s sample papers and mock tests to better understand the MHT CET exam pattern and the types of questions asked. 

MHT CET Strategy: How to Prepare?

MHT CET is a difficult competitive exam, and students must follow a good preparation strategy to acquire a good score. It is extremely important to understand the MHT CET Exam pattern and syllabus before building up an MHT CET Strategy. It will facilitate candidates to comprehend the general view of the question paper and sorts of questions. 

Follow the below-mentioned MHT CET tips to score well:

Create a Schedule: Candidates should create a study schedule for the MHT CET 2022 exam based on the exam’s syllabus. The overall plan for covering all the material, regular revisions, and taking practice exams must be included in the study schedule. Additionally, candidates should organize daily physical activity time to relax the mind. 

Choose the Right Books and Resource Materials: Study Resources: It’s crucial to use the relevant books and resource material for studying.  Books that aren’t appropriate can confuse the students. As a result, applicants should begin their study with NCERT books followed by the books recommended by their mentors or previous year’s toppers. 

Focus on Understanding Concepts: Candidates should concentrate on concepts rather than using rote learning methods. Throughout your MHT CET preparation, pay close attention to comprehending the topics. Understanding makes it easier for you to retain the ideas for a very long time. Furthermore, you will be able to answer questions with ease if you are clear about the concepts.

Planned Revision Schedule: Preparation is incomplete without a proper revision schedule. It is accurate to say that revision supports students in remembering previously studied topics and formulas. Thus, it is essential to revise the entire syllabus before taking the exam. 

Sample Paper and Mock Tests: Candidates are recommended to practise as many sample papers and mock exams for the MHT CET 2022 as possible. It will accelerate their speed and help them manage their time efficiently. Since these sample papers and mock tests are based on the actual exam format, they will be useful for applicants to assess their level of preparation.

Last-minute MHT CET Preparation Tips 

Here are some crucial last-minute exam preparation tips for the MHT CET 2022:

  • As you read through the questions on the mock test, be aware of all the mistakes you made. Work on those errors and make the appropriate corrections. 
  • Keep track of all the key formulas and brief notes that will help you prepare for the MHT CET Exam.
  • Avoiding taking up any new concepts at this point of time. 
  • It is recommended that students just take small breaks in between the study sessions. Pomodoro is a useful technique here, which calls for a five-minute break after every 25 minutes of studying. After 2-3 hours of concentrated study, you can further choose for a 15 minutes break. It will not only give you proper rest, but also increase your focus on study.
  • As and when you feel tired or bored, go for a quick activity to pace up yourself. 
  • To keep yourself motivated, reward yourself. For example, let yourself watch your favorite TV show or sports game after you finish 4 hours of study. 
  • Make an effort to raise some questions on your own and begin to address them. This will help you understand issues in a much better way.
  • Revise all the topics at least once and revise important topics twice or thrice. 
  • Besides all these things, it is important to keep calm and stress-free. 

We hope the insightful tips and tricks mentioned in this article help you to create a strategy for MHT CET preparation. Receive the latest updates and information regarding the MHT CET entrance exam on CollegeSearch, a global educational platform that connects students, colleges, and alumni.